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WETPAINTATL ™ is the vision of artist, George Lenoir, of Lenoir Designs, LLC. His goal has been to provide an alternative avenue for artists to exhibit artwork. WetPaintATL has served the purpose of enhancing the visibility of all artists, regardless of ethnic background and artistic resume. The organization seeks unique, talented artists for their bi-annual art events. The only catch is, you must be willing to paint or create LIVE!!!

WETPAINTATL ™ was officially established in 2013 as a " live painting art exhibition,” featuring some of Atlanta’s most talented artists. WetPaintATL brings light to new and established artist in a wide range of genres. During these events, patrons will be able to see how the creative process is completed, and obtain a deeper appreciation for the arts. The organization looks to be a creative platform by introducing artisits to the novice and avid art collector. Patrons are able to admire bodypainting listen to music, mingle and socialize, while they observe the many forms of art. Patrons can puchase various custom designs along the lines of fine art, graffiti writing, tattooing or jewelry making, etc.

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